Monday, August 27, 2012

Three Lead Generation Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you conduct a lead generation, you need to know what you should do right. There really is no point in doing this if you will just waste the B2B leads you get in the end. Even if you outsource the work to a competent telemarketing company (given that telemarketers are among people for the task), you still need to be sure that you are not making any missteps along the way. So of these are so subtle that you might miss it if you are not looking close enough. For example:
  1. Too self-important – sure, you should be proud of your company, but if all you talk about with your prospects is how great your firm is, you are not going anywhere in your lead generation. Talk about being overly proud.
  2. Concentrating too much on what you offer – in today’s competitive business environment, you should know how to differentiate your product or service best. You can do that by integrating your offer to the current issues faced by the prospect.
  3. Ignoring the small details – a missed body language, a visual cue, or a certain phrase during your talk with prospects might be an opportunity lost. So pay attention. You might learn something good this way.
Avoiding these subtle mistakes can mean a big deal for your lead generation. It is also important that you relay this information with the telemarketing team you are working with. After all, they will be the ones standing in the frontline.