Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Tips to Enhance Your Closing Skills

Many sales people have a tough time when it comes to closing deals. They may be really good at prospecting, but in terms of closing, some are not as lucky. It can be because that their sales lead or prospect never felt that urgency in making that decision—for now. In other words, they’re grateful to hear about the offer, but it’s not necessary.

How to improve your closing ratio?
  1. Don’t rush things. One of the top reasons why you can’t close a sale it’s because perhaps you’re moving too fast. Invest in building relationships so that your business leads won’t have an impression that you are not just another self-interested sales person aiming for your quota, but that you can be their reliable resource.
  2. Never too eager to go for the close. Rather, dedicate more time on assisting your leads to find out if it makes a rational business decision on their part to make that change. If they think it will, then they will agree. But if not, then they would remain with whatever they have.
  3. Be an effective storyteller. Give some examples of how you have assisted your client to improve. Be patient in explaining how were they able to do things before, the problems or dilemmas they encountered, and the outcome they have gained when they already worked with you.

It helps to understand that the prospects nowadays are getting smart and savvier to most of the closing strategies of sales people. But if they know the value of the product you’re offering, then if they make that change, your prospect will be the one to fast track the process.