Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting to Know Telemarketing Like the Back of Your Hand

If you want to pursue on using telemarketing services to boost your sales, it is a wise decision to make to know everything first about this effective method of marketing your goods. First of all, telemarketing is the process of direct communication and marketing of information about any new or current line of products and services. Not only can it effectively make every sales effort count in order to produce a lot of income, but it can also advertise the name of your business as well.

Most telephone marketing campaigns are made through the use of cold calls. These cold calls are made for the receiver of the call would not expect a call from the representative on that particular time and date. The cold calling representatives are all highly trained in order to effectively complete their assigned tasks to meet the expectations of their clients.

The representatives do not pick up the phone and dial a number randomly. Instead, they use a highly organized database that stores all the necessary information about their contacts. This would let the agent know on what industry their prospect is in.

The main objective of telemarketing is for prospects to gain sufficient product and service knowledge in order to entice them into purchasing these goods. Hiring the services of these call center agents can indeed boost a business' sales output in order to gather more income.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing: The Business Twins of Success

Two is better than one.

Think of a man without a wife. A student devoid of a mentor. A PC monitor wherein the CPU is missing. A business that has no customers. An outbound telemarketing lacking an inbound call center. All of these are concrete examples of how it will be incomplete without the other. You separate one from the other and you just destroyed both.

Outbound telemarketing has been widely used in generating fresh sales leads. On the other hand, inbound call centers function to provide customer service support. They are both useful in lead generation services.

To identify the sales leads among the prospects, outbound calls are made by professional telemarketers. Moreover, if a sales lead is deemed qualified, an appointment setting is then made which schedules a meeting between the company's sales representative and the customer.

Inbound telemarketing, on the contrary, receives inquiries coming from the sales prospects and existing customers. Though a 24/7 answering service, every sales lead is given the proper treatment and care.

If an outbound contact center exist without the inbound, concerns of the prospects and existing customers will not be entertained. This leads to lost opportunities if the unattended leads decide to break the tie.

If inbound call centers are built without the outbound however, only those prospects who knew the company will initiate a phone call. There are plenty of leads that need the products and/or services of a particular firm. If such potential customers do not know that a firm can provide them what they need, then, there is a fat chance that sales will increase.

It will be unfavorable if only one telemarketing tool is present. The absence of one is the disadvantage of the other.

Still, two is better than one.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing Call Center

Before, offshore outsourcing has only been the last resort of companies to reduce costs or to survive in a global recession. However, this perception has been replaced. Problems like the scarcity of experts, high-cost laborers and the incapacity to focus on the core business have pushed business organizations to invest in outsourcing. To add, the efficiency and effectiveness of offshore telemarketing service providers have been satisfactory. Since then, offshore outsourcing call center has been an indispensable strategy which helps every firm to increase sales and to expand business.

The numerous benefits a firm can gain by outsourcing call center services to an offshore company have been the main reason why outsourcing boosts. Here are the following blessings brought by offshore outsourcing:

I. Cheaper Cost

Lower expenses is the major reason why many companies contract an offshore company. Usually, outsourcing costs not more than fifty percent (50%) of total expenditures. Moreover, there is no need to incur recruitment and operational costs in building an in-house contact center. In addition, some countries offer tax holidays and exemptions to foreign companies.

II. Focus on core business

When call center services are outsourced, any client firm have the available and plenteous time to concentrate on its core business. The outcome of this is a more planned and airtight strategies, which, in turn lead to increased closed sales.

III. Expertise and Risk-sharing

Offshore call centers are experts in the field of both outbound and inbound telemarketing. This expertise costs cheaper than in an in-house or onshore contact centers.

Another crucial factor is risk-sharing. Through outsourcing, some responsibilities of the business entity is on the shoulders of the outsourced telemarketing firm. Owing to the fact that these offshore companies are specialists, risks can be better handled.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How To Successfully Execute a Telemarketing Program

For many decades now, telemarketing has not upset businessmen. Despite the rapid rise of technological advancements, the telephone has not lost its use both in personal and business undertakings. For customers, it is the most convenient instrument to subscribe to a product or service. In the perspective of business organizations, the telephone system acts as a major direct marketing method to swiftly serve the public.

In executing telemarketing, there are some guidelines a firm is obliged to follow, if it really minds success as the top priority. The following statements refer to those directions.


Trying to reach everyone is not the goal of telemarketing. Targeting the sales leads that show interest to a firm's product and/or service is the epicenter. After obtaining a list of prospects, confirm these people through cold calling and classify them whether they are not-yet sales ready, sales ready and those who are not interested.


Not all the sales prospects want to buy immediately. Ignoring those who are not yet ready means throwing off big opportunities. The firm should continue to keep in touch with them and to establish a relationship. Most leads that are nurtured have higher probability of converting into a closed sale.


A script is the constant helpmate of the telemarketers. Saying the right words, the correct information and accurately answering prospect's inquiries are what a great script should contain. On the other hand, customizing delivery according to the needs and wants of the customers will be more effective.


A superb script will turn out to be empty if not practiced. Moreover, during an actual call, test the script and evaluate the feedback of the customers. Improve the things that need enhancement and replace ideas with better ones.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why Outsource for your Web Hosting Service Leads

Web hosting service leads are one of the most challenging leads to generate in today’s market. If you are in web hosting industry it would be very beneficial to hire another company to deliver the desired number of leads for you, they are experts and they have the tools on hand to promote your products professionally.

Outsourcing this kind of service will save time. You can get the most number of prospects for your web hosting business. You now have the ability to save more money compared to generating leads in house. You wouldn't have to buy the tools and hire people to call. While hiring another company requires shelling out money as well, you'll get the most out of it because most of them can get the job done in the shortest amount of time.

Due to the large number of web hosts on the internet today, getting leads is quite a challenging feat. Outsourcing your telemarketing need is really an affordable and strategic tool you should try. Typically most companies offer affordable prices for the number of leads you want. But before hiring the service, ask the company what kinds of resources do they make accessible for you. Check if they offer free scripts, marketing tools, what kinds of services you can expect from the company, among others.

If you want to generate more leads for your business in the smallest amount of effort hire a company and get their service. Experience the advantage you'll get specially in generating higher revenue for your business. Choose an affordable company that offers a good guarantee and make sure that they really fulfill your needs.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Right Time to Outsource B2B Sales Leads

B2B sales leads are very important if you want to improve your marketing programs for your company, but everyone knows it's not that easy to get a lead. When you invest in searching for leads to generate a huge positive impact for you and your company's growth.

This looks promising since the growth of your company is involved, but when would you know the right time to outsource to a lead generation company?

In reality, you can outsource anytime, you just need to know a few factors about your own company before you can do that.

Some of these factors are:

• Your Company’s Financial Status – Check first if your company can financially hire the services of telemarketing lead generation experts or if the company's assets can squeeze in a part of the budget for their services.

• Your Company's Popularity – It's not a requirement but it is an advantage if your company is famous in the eyes of the masses. The more popular your company is, the easier the work comes in for both your company and the company that you will be outsourcing your services with.

• Picking the Right Lead Generation Company – Try to research a bit first on which company would be the best to outsource your services. Make sure to pick one that can handle the task of generating the right number of leads for your company.

Once you got all these factors put in, you can now start outsourcing to another company and start reeling in those leads.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Importance Of Business Leads

Generating a significant amount of leads is one of the great benefits you can get from telemarketing, and leads should be used and managed very well to reap their rewards. These business leads are your company's lifeblood for getting high volume of sales and increased revenue.

Several organizations use telemarketing lead lists for obtaining information about potential and existing customers. The information contained in these lists includes contact details, business location, number of employees, industry, etc.

In the realm of telemarketing, these lists are vital for analyzing target markets and serve as the bases for developing strategies to acquire new customers. Commonly, market criteria for targeting include families, home owners, executives and businesses.

Although customers get annoyed when receiving telemarketing calls, they become leads when they have provided information they may not remember giving out. The information may have come from online forms they've completed. The information collected from customers will form part of a database and then later on segmented into demographics.

In the past, companies found it very hard to find good lead lists, and prices set by telemarketing and lead generation companies were expensive. Today, pricing has become less expensive and more competitive due to the rising population of lead generation agencies offering the same services.

Sales leads can be obtained from various sources. There are many firms today that provide lead generation services to help clients secure targeted lists easily and quickly. Due to the number of methods available for generating leads, leads lists rates have become more affordable even for small business enterprises.

Lead generation has also evolved with technology. Before, salespeople would randomly pick and call names from the telephone directory, which was time consuming and labor intensive. Now, with the availability of high-tech computer systems, generating sales leads has become easier for sales professionals. Cutting edge technology has enabled more companies to come up with better and well-targeted lead lists. Businesses have the option to develop their own lead generation system or get help from telemarketing or lead generation companies. Lead generation tasks can be accomplished in a very short period and with more efficiency.

Leads can be generated through different methods such as cold calling, mass mailing, print ads, Internet ads, radio and TV promotion, etc. No matter what type of method you use to get new leads, always remember that they should be used and nurtured efficiently. Maximize your lead generation efforts and don't lead the leads you've obtained go to waste.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Canada: The Next Telemarketing Frontier

If you are a businessman in Canada, perhaps you would agree that marketing goes a long way in helping your business prosper. Of course, you would have some apprehensions about it. You would certainly have spent a considerable amount of money from merely operating a business. It is only natural that you would be hesitant to spend more. Now, if you’re the type in search of a better promotion strategy, perhaps you should try telemarketing.

This strategy is a tried and tested formula. Telemarketing services go a long way for a cash-strapped entrepreneur in search of a better means of advertising. Aside from merely promoting the company’s wares, business-to-business transactions are also possible. Lead generation and appointment settings are just some of the things that you can do through telemarketing.

Professional telemarketers are the right people for your business as they have the means to get customers to be interested with you. When you outsource this task, you get bigger chances of a successful campaign. They are the experts when it comes to phone transactions. With their years of experience, they are capable of handling customer inquires, comments, and even complaints.

Going for a telemarketer will definitely be the smartest choice you will ever make. You will realise huge benefits from such a strategy. Not only will this save you a lot of your hard-earned cash, but this will also free up a lot of your own time. That’s time that you can use to improve your business and make it grow.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Telemarketing is Not Evil

What makes telemarketing services such a hot topic these days is the proliferation of fraudulent practices and misleading tactics of unscrupulous people. They use the phone as their unwilling tool to dupe unsuspecting people and bilk them out of their money, or else steal other important information about them. And with the phone providing some level of anonymity, it takes a long time for authorities to catch the perpetrators.

But is telemarketing really a tool of evil-doers? Not really. It may be hard to believe but it’s true. Despite what many detractors say, telemarketing does have its place in marketing. First of all, can all the mainstream marketing strategies employed, for example television commercials, achieve broader brand awareness than telemarketing? Or what about cost, can another marketing tactic produce the same results as of telemarketing, using the same budget?

Telemarketing does away with the extra cost of advertising. It does that by targeting only the prospective customers who are most likely to respond favorably to the sales pitch. Professional telemarketers can reach out to hundred of people in a single day, and the only additional cost they incur would be the telephone bills. And there’s that personal touch in telemarketing that most people favor over simply watching an advertisement on TV.

Indeed, telemarketing may leave a bad taste on those who hate it, but for those businesses who flourished with it, it will always be a favorite. After all, it’s a tried and tested recipe for success. There’s really nothing to lose if it’s used.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Telemarketing: Looking Beyond Cost-Efficiency

One way of pushing a business towards development and expediency is through marketing. This means having a sound business plan and being able to distribute resources wisely. There are several ways to carry out marketing such as print advertising, direct mailing and telemarketing.
Telemarketing projects must be result-oriented and should include elements like evaluation of practices, goal setting, targeting, etc. Every stage in this process requires diligence in planning and implementation.

While telemarketing campaigns can be executed in house, most businesses today prefer outsourcing this function to telemarketing companies. This is because telemarketing service providers offer a wide range of teleservices to maximize phone-based marketing efforts. Ideally, lead generation and appointment setting are both done to achieve better results.

In order to be successful in generating new business, companies must choose a provider that understands their industry and brand message. There are providers who offer cost efficient services but it is also important to research each telemarketing company that is being considered. It is vital to know how they work, the kind of representatives they have, and how much success they have achieved. Ask for references to make sure that you a company is partnering with a worthy agency.

Marketing experts say that telemarketing is one of the best tools to generate revenue with the capability of providing greater ROI. It may be true for a lot of companies who have tried it and are still engaged in it, but keep in mind that not all that glitters is gold. Take time and practice caution in finding the right telemarketing service provider.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Benefits Of Outsourcing Telemarketing Services

There are several reasons why a business should consider looking for dependable telemarketing services to support their marketing efforts for revenue growth. Telemarketing can be a convenient and economical means to advertise a business as well as augment their income. Outsourcing telemarketing services to an expert provider can add more efficiency to your outbound or inbound phone-based marketing activities.

Having limited resources is the primary reason why many service and sales oriented companies are delegating teleservices functions to onshore and offshore telemarketing firms. Today, telemarketing companies have taken basic telemarketing to the next level. Other than cold-calling, there are three more telemarketing services they commonly provide:

Answering Service. Each time a prospect or customer calls a business, there should always be someone to answer the telephone. But in reality, business owners and leaders cannot help if their assistants or receptionists could not answer phone calls each and every time, and it becomes even more difficult if call volume increases. Telemarketing service providers now offer answering services to businesses that need their incoming calls answered all the time. Most telemarketing firms provide 24/7/365 help desk and information services to ensure that businesses never have to miss a call or a business opportunity. Answering service also serves as an efficient tool for businesses to improve customer relationships.

Order-Taking and Order Processing. Taking and processing orders are two of the most arduous tasks businesses have to deal with everyday. Of course, if you are a business owner, you want to make sure that each order is taken care of and processed quickly and efficiently. This is the reason why several businesses have adopted the online ordering technology to expedite and streamline order taking and order processing tasks. However, even with an internet-based order processing, there are always people who would and prefer to order by telephone. Telemarketing services can make these labor-intensive tasks much easier for companies by providing 24/7 telephone ordering support. Instead of having employees and paying twice as much for manning the phones all the time, businesses can just employ a telemarketing service firm to save both time and money.

Virtual Personal Assistance. Modern telemarketing services include providing helpful and dedicated assistants for managing administrative functions. This service can be much less expensive than having a full-time employee carry-out administrative tasks. Business owners and executives can access their Virtual Assistants through email, IM and phone. Virtual personal assistants are assigned to work specifically for the client, just like a personal secretary would, but without the client having to worry about workspace, technology costs, employee benefits etc.

Telemarketing service can be a great way for businesses to grow effectively and generate more income. It is a major move in demonstrating to customers and prospects how valuable they are. By outsourcing telemarketing services, companies can save on operational costs, free more time for other activities and increase productivity.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Telemarketing: Your Business' Conduit for Optimum Growth

Telemarketing (also known as telesales in the UK and other parts of the world) is a form of direct marketing which involves the use of specialized phone marketing skills by salespeople for the purpose of impelling current and potential customers to purchase a service or a product. Telemarketing is a great way to make direct telephone transactions with customers or schedule in-person sales appointments with prospects.

Telemarketing can be carried out from an organization’s premises, from an outbound call center or from any other conducive location. In order to implement an efficient telemarketing project, a modern telephone system is required. Most of today’s telemarketing firms use phone technologies like auto-dialers and predictive dialers to facilitate phone marketing operations. Others use automated telemarketing which does not require live operators.

The initial calls made by telemarketers should be aimed at determining the demands and needs of customers or prospects. The next outbound calls can be made for the purpose of setting face-to-face or webinar appointments. After these things are accomplished, the succeeding calls can be done for retaining customers or satisfaction surveys.

Telemarketing success can be achieved by systematically identifying prospective clients who may have a legitimate need for a service or product. Businesses can also tap into customer databases which may contain purchase histories or profiles. They can also derive information from market research data or survey reports. Companies may use telephone directories, online business directories or outsource lead generation services. For large enterprises, marketing consultancy can help in obtaining significant information for prospecting purposes.

Below are some recommendations in order for businesses to yield the benefits of telemarketing :

• Telemarketers should exercise professional conduct in cold-calling customers or prospects. They should have the necessary skills to turn each phone call into a buying opportunity. It is important for them to contact prospects at a timely manner. They must observe courtesy when requesting permission from customers to talk about product specifics.

• Telemarketing calls should be used strictly for introducing products and strengthening advertising message or to support other marketing agendas. Telemarketing is designed to generate new business and maintain current ones. It should never be used to manipulate, intimidate, harass or trick people into shady deals.

• Companies and service providers should develop call guides to help sales agents to be effective callers. Scripts must be continuously enhanced to suit a campaign's objectives and telemarketers must familiarize themselves with what to say as opposed to reading the script during a call.

• Telemarketers should have a broad knowledge about the service or product they are marketing to make sure that all customer queries or concerns are answered or addressed properly.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

B2B Telemarketing Companies: Partners in Marketing Success

Many companies today have been helped tremendously by B2B telemarketing firms in increasing their profits. Telemarketing agencies help service-oriented organizations in reaching out to customers and linking their sales forces with their target audience.

One of the most popular and profitable services that B2B telemarketing companies provide is lead generation. This is the process of contacting a huge volume of business phone numbers and asking potential customers some qualifying questions for generating sales leads.

Appointment setting is another important function commonly outsourced to B2B agencies. Arranging meetings with key decision-makers is not easy to do that is why it helps businesses significantly to allow professional telemarketers carry out this task for them. Expert telemarketers are highly-trained on building rapport and handling objections, which are skills needed in order to secure an appointment with a prospect.

Another service that a B2B telemarketing firm offers is database management. Databases of current and new customers are essential tools for businesses, and regular updating must be maintained for customer information to make sure that marketing communications are delivered to the correct individual or organization. Database management includes researching and verifying contact information in order to update contact lists. This can be done through internet and telephone research.

In addition to lead generation, appointment setting and database management, B2B telemarketing firms also provide market research or polling services. This service gives companies information on how and why their services or products are being received by their current and potential customers. In this process, telemarketers contact firms within the clients' target market to obtain relevant product or service feedback. Customer feedback is extremely important in developing products and improving marketing strategies.

Simple tasks like registrations for certain events like seminars/webinars and conferences can also be delegated to a B2B telemarketing company. Telemarketers contact likely participants or attendees to arrange reservations, confirm attendance or register them for the event. In practice, conducting surveys after a product launch or client retention project is done to track and evaluate client response. B2B telemarketing service providers can be contracted to conduct customer satisfaction polls or surveys to determine how efficient a service or product is and if a customer has concerns that need to be addressed. Surveys play an important role in customer retention.

Business-to-business telemarketing companies can provide much more than just cold-calling services. They can help companies in any type of telemarketing endeavor from start to finish without burning budgets or slowing down business operations.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Why Telemarket?

The reality that lies behind the world of telephone marketing is often overshadowed by negativity. Many people do not realize how effective it is in terms of promoting one's business because phone-based selling is often despised by consumers. The fact is, the expected response rate from a telemarketing campaign is between 5% and 10%. This rate is greater than what businesses can get through e-mail marketing, print advertising, direct mailing or the most difficult of all, person-to-person sale.

One of the major advantages of telemarketing is direct communication with consumers which is tremendously important in business development. Through telephone conversations with prospects, companies can make assessments on how well their products/services are received by their customers. This opportunity to immediately reach out to people cannot be achieved with other methods of marketing. Telemarketing provides businesses direct access to the consumers.

But how did telemarketing end up being so hated by the public that millions of Americans listed their phone numbers in the National Do Not Call Registry? It's because a small percentage of the telemarketing industry abused outbound cold-calling to the point of tricking and scamming people to make money.

Responsible Telemarketing

There are several reasons why telemarketing has been viewed as one of the worst ideas of the 21st century. One is the lack of responsibility. When companies engage in a telemarketing program, they must pay close attention to how their salespeople conduct telephone marketing. Some telemarketers forget that getting people into buying something also depends greatly on how they interact with customers or prospects on the phone. Do they treat them with respect? Do they practice good telemarketing or they simply dial the numbers without regard for people's feelings or situations?

Choosing the right people to man the phones is an important aspect of telephone sales. Telemarketers need to have proper training to be able to deal with different types of people and situations. They must be able to overcome rejections effectively and relate to prospects with genuine interest and professionalism.

It is also necessary for companies to pre-identify their target audience to ensure that the product or service being offered suits their needs. Telemarketing is effective if businesses have analyzed how relevant their services/products are for their prospects.

Is It a Dying Industry?

Absolutely not. Surprisingly, even in the face of adversity (state and federal anti-telemarketing laws), telemarketing is a thriving industry simply because it works. But, for companies that are planning to launch a campaign, don't get too excited. It takes time to get telemarketing right. For some business owners, it took them years to develop a successful phone-based sales operation. One thing is for sure, telephone selling can benefit a business, but only if it's done properly.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Choosing the Right Telemarketing Service Provider

Choosing the right telemarketing service provider has got to be the next most important choice a company has to make. Of course the most important choice is realizing that they should be telemarketing their products and or services.

So how do you go about finding the right service provider? What are the things you have to take into consideration? And most importantly, what should you do on your end to ensure a hitch-free operation?

• Given the proliferation of fly-by-night telemarketing call centers or boiler rooms, going for the service providers' reputation first, would be a safe bet. Researching or even asking around might probably be good for starters, checking for references or the industries and different companies they've worked with.

• What can these service providers do for you? Be very clear on what you require from these companies. Do you require lead generation, appointment setting or telesales? Telling the service provider that you just “want more customers” isn't exactly the definition of “clear.” Keep the communication channels clear for regular feedback, making sure you and the service providers are calibrated and both on the same page. If something needs to be changed or you're unhappy with certain aspects of their service, say so. Keeping quiet and retaining their services for months or even years doesn't make much sense.

• After deciding on an appropriate service provider, it's very important to trust their better judgment and the advice they will be giving from time to time.

• Successful companies don’t happen overnight. Give it time to work. Telemarketing services done properly often takes time. Planning, researching, lead generation, everything necessary to ensure an efficient and effective operation, doesn't yield results overnight. To be effective a telemarketing services must run for a minimum of twenty to thirty days.

Choosing the right telemarketing service provider will definitely play an important role your in company's growth and its success. But for how long, will depend entirely on how you choose to work with them.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Telemarketing Amidst the Digital Era

We are all familiar with the reputation of telephone selling. We have, at some point, received unsolicited calls at home and at work from telemarketers offering various products and services. More surprisingly, even with the existence of laws and guidelines for telesales designed to moderate these calls, companies still perceive telemarketing as one of the most effective approach to market and advertise their commodities.

With the advent of new technology and the unrelenting emergence of digital marketing approaches, it is fascinating to know how telemarketing – the oldest form of marketing used by businesses the world over, has managed to survive in the midst of increasing growth of e-commerce and the hype of modern technological advances.

How is modern technology shaping the phase of telemarketing in the 21st century?

Albeit the boosting number of digital gadgetry, social networking sites and internet-based marketing tools, businesses still rely on the good old telephone to interact with customers and evolving technology has tremendously enhanced the power of telemarketing to maximize profits.

Contact centers have been utilizing high tech telecommunication and state-of-the-art computer systems to improve sales and marketing services being provided for clients. Telecoms along with IT companies have been creating and mass-producing modern dynamic solutions to cater to the demands of call centers worldwide.

Among the most popular and widely-used in the industry are automated dialing systems and predictive dialer. Auto dialer automatically dials phone numbers and has multiple dialing techniques such as voice broadcasting and capable of delivering hundreds to thousands of calls at once. A predictive dialer can intelligently predict whenever an agent is available to speak to a prospect and phone numbers are dialed at a proper pace, and calls are transferred to a representative only when a live person has answered.

Modern technology has allowed telephone marketing methods to cultivate along with advancing digital marketing techniques and we can anticipate that sales and advertising channels like telemarketing will continue to weather the challenges of a cutting-edge business world.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Telemarketing in Australia: Outbound Services

Whether your goal is to maximize your current capacity or to increase growth to realize new goals, outbound telemarketing in Australia represents the most successful personalized point of contact between you and your customer.

Within the telemarketing industry, outbound telemarketing in Australia has experienced tremendous growth because of one primary functionality "we can listen and interact" with your customers. Each one of your telemarketing representatives will undergo a thorough training process in an effort to adopt your company's philosophy and endeavor to establish a corporate and branding identity.

So what you are looking for? Be with Callbox.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lead Generation Outsourcing: It Makes Sense

According to a top industry report, outbound lead generation or lead generation using telemarketing is the best method to generate leads. At affordable cost, lead generation outsourcing will identify who are the client’s best prospects, finding out prospects concerns and objections thus giving the client to create a solution to address these problems. By delivering qualified leads, outbound lead generation outsourcing provider helps to ensure that the client’s sales team will not be wasting their time.

Business-to-business lead generation can easily and cost-effectively be outsourced to an experienced telemarketing call center with state-of-the-art technology and quality lead generation experts. Lead generation should not be the responsibility of your sales people. Outsourcing your lead generation keeps your salespeople doing what they should be doing; selling and meeting with qualified decision makers!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Business Benefits of Sales Outsourcing

The main goal of every business is to increase their revenue and decrease their costs. This can be achieved by outsourcing the sales department. A good lead generation service can make this possible. Enlisting the expertise of a lead generation service is the best way to improve the company’s bottom line. Lead generation service provides businesses with sales leads that can contribute to tangible results – realizable sales.

Lead generation services improve the general finances of the company. The lead generation agents are skilled in acquiring sales leads, producing more revenue for the company and providing quality prospects.

Lead generation service is the answer to the rapidly expanding sales needs of most companies. An expert lead generation service can increase sales and improve customer relationships. Lead generation service provides skilled lead generation agents that will work closely with the client to acquire deep knowledge of the products and services. Sales lead generation supply agents that work as part of the client’s work force. They augment the sales team of the company. Lead generation services will not only increase the company’s sales revenue but also decrease the cost of acquiring these sales. Lead generation services can be considered as a direct extension of the company’s sales team. They produce sales leads that generate income to the company and reduce the spending cost at the same time.

Lead generation services provide new accounts that will increase the customer count of the company. Lead generation focuses on raising revenue and improving customer relations. Sales lead generation services also provide lead management and appointment setting.

Lead generation service can simplify the company’s operation by letting them focus more on important business aspects. Cold calling and follow ups are distributed to lead generation agents. This way the company can have more organized business goals. The company can focus more on improving their marketing team and increasing revenue on sales.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Appointment Setting: Keystone of Generating New Business

Many businesses invest a big part of their marketing budget in appointment setting. Why? Because it definitely works! There is nothing stronger, better and more effective than having that face-to-face meeting with your client or prospect. The likelihood of closing a sale dramatically increases when you consult with a prospect face-to-face.

Appointment setting gets you in front of your prospect, thus giving you all the opportunity to lay all your bet cards in prospect’s table and close the deal right away. For a period of time, you have the decision maker’s undivided attention! Companies rely on appointment setting to generate business, for company’s growth and gain more profits in no time!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why Companies Use Telemarketing

Companies are successfully using telemarketing strategies to:

• Find new customers

• Reduce the costs of sales

• expand the reach of their business

• Build better relationships with existing customers

• Improve customer service and/or technical support

• Handle incoming orders and process information requests

Anytime a company chooses to utilize telemarketing to achieve success, it must rely on a team of telemarketers or telesales professionals who have the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively sell and communicate with prospects and customers using the telephone.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Telemarketing Techniques

In telemarketing business, you can’t avoid customers’ rejection. I know telemarketing services business is quite hard; but wait, don’t be discouraged. Develop that tough skin. Since you’re just selling your products and services over the phone, use that persuasive voice as your main edge to other telemarketers. Consider these simple techniques:

Starting the Call

As the saying goes; “First impression lasts.” Bring on that positive impact to your prospective clients. Smile and be prepared before dialing a number on that phone. Ready your script, but be flexible to deviate from it at some times. Be consistent and authentic if possible in delivering your script and be confident in selling your products and services.

Listening and Probing

Probing is one big opportunity to make the prospect convey to you exactly what you need to know on what to sell and offer to them. Ask probing questions to determine if the client is viable to sales opportunity. Listen to every detail they are saying and take note of them.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Guerilla Guide to Telemarketing, Lead Generation and Telesales

The game of telemarketing and lead generation is all about prospecting: Not your usual prospecting but targeted prospecting, to be exact. This is possible with a prospect clients’ list. You need to be clear about your motives, though: Who are your target customers and why them? Targeted prospecting saves your time and effort by letting you speak with the right people.

Tune in to customers

Not all prospect customers resent cold calling. They just have too much to say. They speak more than telemarketers because deep down they might be interested. In this case you need to know where to go in. When a prospect customer blabs away, let him. But avoid a “yes” or “no” line of questioning. Instead, go for “why” and “how” lead questions as these prompt your customers to explain so you get more clues. Use courteous expressions instead of going point blank. When you allow your customer to vent this makes him feel good. Listen closely to your customer talk. Somewhere in his words you’ll find an opening for a sales pitch. It’s really a matter of timing.

Qualify leads

Fine-tune your leads and aim them well. This saves you time, effort and leads. When your leads are properly qualified, you hit close to home. So have a method for qualifying leads and adopt it to your prospect customers’ changing needs.

Speak your prospect customers’ language

Get a hold of your customers’ profile-- company position, social status, attitude, habits, etc, so you know how to “deal” with them. Pattern your sales pitch after their business “persona”. Speak on their terms, not yours.

Believe in your product

It’s easy to sell something that you believe and use yourself. This comes out naturally that your customers can literally feel it. You don’t need to do any compelling sales pitch because you’re talking about a product you have faith in.

Join social networking sites

You cover a lot of ground when you go out and meet people, even virtually. They may not buy from you right away but their friends, spouses and cousins might. Don’t limit your contacts to your Twitter and Facebook friends.

Some times the most unexpected person makes the best customer.

More than this, it’s a lot easier to get referrals from people on your social networking sites. You can leapfrog your sales and telemarketing campaign by creating a word of mouth blitz. This then gets passed around by friends, suppliers, partners and clients.

Work with time not against it

A telemarketer should have full use of his time. The best time is now. Ring up qualified and unqualified prospects and treat your time talking to them as “billable” time.

Finally, keep this in mind: People expect value for their money in the form of return investment. Sometimes customers buy something not because they need it, but because others don’t have it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Increase Sales Leads with Appointment Setting

To increase sale as well as Return on Investment (ROI) is the primary goals of almost all businesses in any industry. There are various ways in increasing sales and ROI however, there are only a few that has proven to be effective. Working out on increasing your sales and ROI can be a daunting task to your sales and marketing department. One of the proven methods in increasing sales leads is through appointment setting.

Sales leads with appointment setting can result into significant growth in your sales and ROI figures. Using telemarketing services for appointment setting to generate sales leads can effectively increase your sales and ROI. Outsource telemarketing for appointment setting to generate leads is a cost- effective option for your business in achieving your business goals. You will be assured that the money that you spend is worth a lead with outsourced appointment setting service for your lead generation campaign. Telemarketing companies that specialize in appointment setting and lead generation provides appointment setters that are professionally trained to arrange meetings with your prospects and to conduct research that can accurately provide information on their interests.

The benefits of appointment setting are limitless. Increase sales leads with appointment setting service and reap the success of higher sales and ROI. Let Callbox help you in increasing your sales through their appointment setting and leads generation services. Call box’s experience in the sales and marketing industry guarantees to provide quality leads with higher conversion rates. Consider an outsource appointment setting service and see how your business grow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Acquiring New Clients with Appointment Setting

Acquiring new clients and nurturing the existing ones is one of the most important aspect in any business. A business lives and dies with his customers or clients. No wonder that you may hear some people saying the customer is always right. In the first place why is it you have created your business? Businesses are created because of the needs of customers or clients. Providing the needs of your customers is not only the important part in doing business but satisfying them with the solutions or answers to their needs.

Acquiring new clients is one of the essential activities in the marketing department of a business. To effectively acquire new customers or clients you can use an appointment setting service to work on your lead generation campaign. Through appointment setting you can acquire quality sales and marketing leads. Quality sales and marketing leads can deliver increase in sale as well as your ROI.

BPO companies provide outsource appointment setting and lead generation services. These BPO companies trains their staff professionally to arrange appointments for their clients, delivering high quality and effective sales and marketing leads. Outsource appointment setting offers favorable benefits that your company can take advantage with. Acquiring new clients would never be that difficult again by generating leads through appointment setting. More clients can result growth in sales and ROI.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is one of the most cost- effective and measurable methods of gaining new clients. Lead generation is a marketing term that refers to generating or creating prospect client preferences into a business' products and or services. Leads are generated for variety of reasons. It can be generated for list building, newsletter, or even for promotions.

Leads can be classified into to two types - sales leads and marketing leads. Sales leads are generated on the basis of certain demographic factors such as Age, Income, Credit Score and more. Sales leads are often being resold to multiple advertisers and commonly a follow up call is made by a sales person. Sales leads are often being utilized by insurance, mortgage and finance market. While Marketing Leads are focused on the brand of advertisers and unlike to sales leads, market leads are only sold once.

Lead generation can be attained in several ways. However, the most known approach in generation leads is through appointment setting. Appointment setting is one of the most common approaches in generating leads whether it is a sales lead or a marketing lead. Telemarketing appointment setting for lead generation is effective if you have the right set of skills.

Outsourcing your appointment setting needs for your lead generation campaign to telemarketing companies that specializes in appointment setting and lead generation is a wise business decision. Reap the benefits of appointment setting and lead generation with a cost- effective appointment setting company and see how your sales and ROI increase.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lead Generation with B2B Telemarketing

B2b telemarketing is one of popular methods in increasing your sales and achieving your business goals. Many companies have been using b2b telemarketing to boost their sales by outsourcing to lead generation call centers that specializes in b2b telemarketing. Using B2B telemarketing services from business processing and outsourcing companies is great ways push forward your business and achieve your goals.

Business processing and outsourcing companies that specializes in b2b telemarketing are often provided by lead generation call centers.

Call centers on outsourcing lead generation through telemarketing uses various methods to boost your business sales. Callbox Inc is one of the many lead generation call centers that provides services such as appointment setting, order processing and order taking, sales and marketing solutions, and sales lead generation. Outsourcing your sales and marketing needs with Callbox Inc. through telemarketing will help you sort out strong and weak leads that are produced under your guidelines or product protocols leading to qualified and hot leads that could turn into solid leads.