Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Tips to Enhance Your Closing Skills

Many sales people have a tough time when it comes to closing deals. They may be really good at prospecting, but in terms of closing, some are not as lucky. It can be because that their sales lead or prospect never felt that urgency in making that decision—for now. In other words, they’re grateful to hear about the offer, but it’s not necessary.

How to improve your closing ratio?
  1. Don’t rush things. One of the top reasons why you can’t close a sale it’s because perhaps you’re moving too fast. Invest in building relationships so that your business leads won’t have an impression that you are not just another self-interested sales person aiming for your quota, but that you can be their reliable resource.
  2. Never too eager to go for the close. Rather, dedicate more time on assisting your leads to find out if it makes a rational business decision on their part to make that change. If they think it will, then they will agree. But if not, then they would remain with whatever they have.
  3. Be an effective storyteller. Give some examples of how you have assisted your client to improve. Be patient in explaining how were they able to do things before, the problems or dilemmas they encountered, and the outcome they have gained when they already worked with you.

It helps to understand that the prospects nowadays are getting smart and savvier to most of the closing strategies of sales people. But if they know the value of the product you’re offering, then if they make that change, your prospect will be the one to fast track the process.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Three Lead Generation Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you conduct a lead generation, you need to know what you should do right. There really is no point in doing this if you will just waste the B2B leads you get in the end. Even if you outsource the work to a competent telemarketing company (given that telemarketers are among people for the task), you still need to be sure that you are not making any missteps along the way. So of these are so subtle that you might miss it if you are not looking close enough. For example:
  1. Too self-important – sure, you should be proud of your company, but if all you talk about with your prospects is how great your firm is, you are not going anywhere in your lead generation. Talk about being overly proud.
  2. Concentrating too much on what you offer – in today’s competitive business environment, you should know how to differentiate your product or service best. You can do that by integrating your offer to the current issues faced by the prospect.
  3. Ignoring the small details – a missed body language, a visual cue, or a certain phrase during your talk with prospects might be an opportunity lost. So pay attention. You might learn something good this way.
Avoiding these subtle mistakes can mean a big deal for your lead generation. It is also important that you relay this information with the telemarketing team you are working with. After all, they will be the ones standing in the frontline.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Retain Your Business Sales Leads To Upsell In The Future

A good b2b lead generation campaign produces qualified business sales leads who provide long term profitability for your company. But a good lead generation method can only go as far as finding new business leads for you. It is up to you and your sales representatives to make sure that those qualified business leads become profitable for your company even after the initial sale. To do this, you must implement a lead retention strategy to keep key clients.

While you retain your clients, you have to continually upsell to them with new products and services from your company. Because they are already existing clients, your appointment setter will not have a hard time setting up a meeting with them anymore. But before you upsell, you have to make sure that:
  • The offered product or service is relevant to your client.
  • The product or service offers additional value for your clients that they haven't received from their last purchase.
  •  You are not up selling too often to the same client.
  •  You are offering the product or service to help your client achieve greater success.
Upselling can be easily done by hiring a qualified b2b telemarketing company, providing them with a telemarketing list of your existing clients who have a high propensity of making another purchase and letting the professional b2b telemarketers get to work.

If you concentrate as much effort in retaining your clients as you do with generating fresh qualified business sales leads for your business, you will have more clients to upsell to in the future, which will definitely make your business an extremely successful venture.

So, have you been up selling enough to your existing clients?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Business Tips From Brandon Mills

Everyone dreams of being an entrepreneur. Having a job that offers a larger salary, no schedules, and best of all, you run the show. While entrepreneurship is on a roll these days, with the players getting closer and closer to toddlerhood, the golden recipe for success still remains elusive. So how can you, as an entrepreneur, help your business survive beyond the initial quarter of the year and after the rush of a new venture has subsided? Here are three great tips from Eric Wagner's interview with a serial entrepreneur Brandon Mills, founder of SocialVibe and BlockBeacon.

“Secret #1: You’ve got to have an open mind.”

To be relevant business, you need to provide innovation and not simply keep following the rules. Innovation comes from an open mind, a willingness to think outside the box. If you have been using the same lead generation strategy for years and your new sales leads have been slowly dwindling, then it might be time to try out new marketing channels.

“Secret #2: Know the space you’re in and have a passion for it.”

Blindly rushing into a market because of the reportedly high profits is the perfect recipe for a disaster. Also, knowledge without passion can only carry you for so long. Passion even without knowledge, on the other hand, is sure to carry you through days of low profits and few sales leads.

“Secret #3: You need help. Double period.”

If you already have the passion, then you need someone to help you direct that passion and turn it into more productive things. You should always treat the knowledge of those who have gone before you as nuggets of gold. If you find it difficult to find your own coach, simply having your friends to bounce off your ideas on will do the job. When looking for sales leads becomes too much to handle, don't hesitate to ask help from a reliable BPO company to do the job for you.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Telemarketing and Singapore: The Use of B2B Leads

Why is Singapore so popular with many investors? This is probably because of what lead generation services has done for these firms. After all, if you want to make an earning in a country such as Singapore, you will need good assets to lead the way. One of these assets is through the use of B2B leads. And what better way to produce qualified leads is through lead generation services? You cannot imagine the multitude of benefits that your company will experience once you get to use lead generation services.

While it is true that there are detractors over lead generation, mainly because of telemarketing being used as its medium, you cannot deny the usefulness of this tactic. Believe it or not, but telemarketing is the only one that can reach out to the most number of people at the most effective manner.

So, if you really are planning to do business in Singapore, then you better use B2B leads.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good IT Leads Fuels Your Business Success

For many information technology companies, being able to corner a good part of your market will depend mainly on just how skilled is the IT lead generation company that you hired for the job. After all, they are the people responsible for generating qualified B2B leads. The use of such sales leads is an important aspect of your business operations, since this can help you serve your market better, as well as provide you with a lot of information about new business opportunities. By working with competent telemarketing companies, you can be sure that the telemarketers performing the lead generation campaign have the necessary skills in generating a lot of sales leads.

A good lead generation services provider is a good business investment to consider. You cannot believe the many benefits that your company will get with the use of this service. You can get great technology leads in this way.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Crucial Aspect of the Best Lead Generation Services

Singapore will always remain as one of the countries with an amazing business performance. And why not? This is a country that takes pride in their robust industries, healthy markets, and an economy that is certainly robust. This sure makes doing business there very profitable. Well, this simply gives you more reason to invest in good B2B leads. After all, where else can you got good business information without the help of such qualified leads. Now, to be sure that you are getting only the best B2B leads, then work with one that uses telemarketing services. This is the most effective way to reach out to more prospects and offer your products and services to them. While there are people who express doubts on its reliability and necessity, history can tell that this is a very good tool to use. As a business investment, it will do your company well if you can work with a good lead generation firm.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Is Outsourcing Our Telemarketing Services Relevant For Use?

This is a question that many of us are perhaps thinking about. But really, why is there so much talk about hiring telemarketers and how it damages the local economy? Let’s leave this to the big companies, the ones who are the most to benefit from savings. Let us talk about the small and medium firms that just need some stuff done on the fly, like market surveys, lead generation, appointment setting services, and the like. These are companies that do not have that much money to pay local telemarketers. Besides, they only need this skilled work for a brief period. This is certainly not a long-term business investment.

Well, you own such a company, it would really depend on you. If you are more concerned about the American economy, and is willing to shell out the $20 - $25 per hour rate of American telemarketing firms, then go ahead and hire local. If not, then outsourcing to an equally-competent, but cheaper, service might be for you.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Good Telemarketing Company = Best IT Leads

One of the biggest, and rapidly expanding, businesses is probably the information technology industry. The reason for its phenomenal growth could be attributed to the fact that almost any business, be that in service or manufacturing, would require the help of an IT company. Now, part of the reason for this phenomenal growth lies in their ability to find new business opportunities.And this where good lead generation services come in. This is actually a very useful means for you and your company to get all the IT sales leads that you and your marketing team will require. Thanks to the effective use of telemarketing techniques, you can be sure to get the best IT leads possible. You can certainly take the lead from your competitors through the qualified leads that you are able to get.

With this rapidly changing business environment, it will be to your advantage if you could find a good telemarketing company to help in your lead generation needs.

Read further on Go for Quality Leads for more ideas.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can You Get Qualified Leads By Outsourcing To Appointment Setting Services?

If anything is to be said these days,outsourcing can cause differing reactions. For some business owners in the US, outsourcing to foreign telemarketing firms could damage the country. But what about those in need of new business opportunities? The only way to find them is to get a lot of B2B leads, and one of the best ways to get leads is through B2B appointment setting services. It is a very important investment.

Despite what critics as saying, there are several reasons why entrepreneurs would hire the services of foreign lead generation firms . Some these reasons are found below.

In the first place, there are not enough people for this job. While it is true that there are plenty of jobs available in the appointment setting business, there are not enough people skilled enough to handle it. A lot of entrepreneurs find this as a constant problem. And this is something that foreign telemarketing firms are skilled in addressing.

The second reason is the speed in producing B2B leads. Take note that the value of qualified leads diminish as they get older. That is why many firms are expending a lot just to get the freshest sales leads. In this regard, foreign telemarketers have shown that they can also produce good B2B leads, only faster.

Most importantly, generating qualified leads is cheaper. There is really no point in hiring local telemarketers who charge high fees. Foreign lead generation firms have proven their ability to generate quality leads at a fraction of the cost.