Sunday, May 30, 2010

Telemarketing Techniques

In telemarketing business, you can’t avoid customers’ rejection. I know telemarketing services business is quite hard; but wait, don’t be discouraged. Develop that tough skin. Since you’re just selling your products and services over the phone, use that persuasive voice as your main edge to other telemarketers. Consider these simple techniques:

Starting the Call

As the saying goes; “First impression lasts.” Bring on that positive impact to your prospective clients. Smile and be prepared before dialing a number on that phone. Ready your script, but be flexible to deviate from it at some times. Be consistent and authentic if possible in delivering your script and be confident in selling your products and services.

Listening and Probing

Probing is one big opportunity to make the prospect convey to you exactly what you need to know on what to sell and offer to them. Ask probing questions to determine if the client is viable to sales opportunity. Listen to every detail they are saying and take note of them.