Monday, January 31, 2011

Cold Calling is not yet Dead

The twenty-first century is swarmed with a good count of alternatives in B2B lead generation. However, only a modest portion of these tools are effective in themselves. Cold-calling is definitely included in that list. For those who have circulated the death of this B2B telemarketing function, cold-calling is so much alive and kicking its way to deliver more rounds of good results.

True enough, cold-calling has not been a thing of the past yet. This fact is being supported by companies in the United Kingdom that have invested on outsourcing lead generation services to an offshore partner. Figures speak for themselves that more and more business organisations established in Great Britain have found a reliable partner in the form of B2B telemarketing. With this, it would take a very long time, or perhaps forever, for obituaries of cold-calling to be published.

For those that have abolished their pursuits to cold-calling, they have resorted to online marketing, with social media and pay per click at full tilt. Critics conferred a consensus that online marketing sunk down the “rubbish and faulty” cold-calling. Little did they know that, in spite of this online fanaticism, B2B telemarketing remains the most reliable in qualifying B2B sales leads with speed and precision.

As opposed to this digital revolution, there are just some magic in phone calls that cannot be attained online. For one is the roster of skills possessed by a cold-caller. A versatile professional telemarketer has greater chances of generating qualified sales leads when the former are using the telephone. Online methods and other direct marketing tools just cannot work this thing out.

I would not daresay that online techniques are ineffective. It just so happens that when a company wants to yield the best results, cold-calling is a top-seed factor. As long as the telephone still lives and so is cold-calling. This means that more business entities in UK will receive the rewards of this B2B telemarketing approach.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Things to Gain When Outsourcing Sales Services Towards Telemarketers

If a business encounters problems and a whole mess of challenges when doing their sales campaigns, then it may be a wiser choice to just outsource the entire program towards telemarketers instead. With expertly trained telemarketers to do the sales campaign, the company can assure themselves of a lot of benefits for their business. Such benefits include:

• Gain an instant high level of confidence

Most people take about six months to a year in producing quality results for a sales campaign. Confidence levels at these times are still low and it would show with their work performance. Once outsourced, the business can gain an instant high level of confidence that would ensure their expectations to be always met.

• Follow-up on leads

Businesses that have an in-house sales campaign notice that following-up on leads and clients may take up a whole lot of time to complete. Outsourcing towards telemarketers will assure that each lead is followed-up until they can become qualified or otherwise.

• Correctly target the right market

These representatives use an extensive database that would enable the sales campaign to correctly target the desired market with pinpoint accuracy. This enables the business to gain the highest chances of acquiring a business transaction with their prospects.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How do Telemarketers Prepare for Their Cold Calls?

Businesses that outsource their services towards telemarketers need to know the ins and outs of their processes to gain a better understanding of their daily tasks. When cold calling is involved, the level of importance of finding out the procedures being done by these representatives rise to an even greater level.

Why is it necessary to know their procedures?

It is very necessary to know the procedures and tasks being done by these telemarketers. For one thing, it is to make sure that you have formed a contract with a respectable and legitimate company. In addition, it would let you know that they are competent and capable of meeting your goals and expectations.

In order to successfully prepare themselves for the coming calls to be made, these call center agents do a number of processes to prep themselves for the next call to be made. Here are some of those processes that they do.

• Since a smile (or frown) can be felt even across the telephone, telephone marketing representatives need to make sure that they keep on smiling even when bombarded with rejections and objections. There are many agents who would prepare mirrors next to them to keep the smile alive in their faces.
• They keep a positive mindset in order to successfully meet the expectations of their clientele and to boost their overall morale when doing their cold calls.
• Problems that are generated outside the company should always be kept there. These call center agents know the definition of professionalism that's why problems outside the company do not bring their work performance down.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Better IT Products and Services Leads with Telemarketing

Times are changing rather quickly, don’t you agree? Even the needs and demands of the market have evolved over the years. What seems to be a necessity before may be obsolete today. That’s why we need to invest in better IT products and services. We need to sell, and we need various ways to increase our marketability. To make that happen, we turn to telemarketing. It’s one of the best means when it comes to better appointment setting and lead generation services. Telemarketers are the best in this kind of work. You’ve got a lot to gain using this marketing strategy.

Telemarketing has been around for many years. Despite its age, it has nevertheless been the top choice of IT firms in order to make a sale. It’s also a good source of leads that companies can use in their marketing campaign. If you’re the IT seller, then you can use telemarketing to gather network management leads and telecommunication products leads. Lot’s of firms are in need of that, and you might be the one that can supply them with the products and services that they need. It’s also a good source of telecommunication services leads. You can use that in offering prospects a solution for the communication issues.

Really, there’s a lot to be gained with telemarketing. It has worked with many IT companies, and it has never failed to deliver what customers demand. It’s reliable, fast, and carries a personal touch that other marketing methods do not possess. You should give this a try.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gain the Upper Hand in the Competition When you Outsource to Telemarketers

Businesses need to explore almost every marketing strategy possible if they want to achieve a substantial growth to their companies. One such marketing strategy that would really put a business at the top of their game is telemarketing. However, there are those businesses that does not have the necessary resources to start a telemarketing campaign especially businesses that just started. Not to worry as you can outsource your sales campaign towards telemarketers at any given time.

In about almost any business industry known to man, competition between companies has always been very fierce. Now, when a business would outsource their sales campaign to a team of highly skilled call center agents, they can always be ahead of the competition. How? Here are a couple of reasons on why these call center representatives can make a company achieve their goals.

1. The business can expand its overall client database
Once a company would outsource to a telemarketing company, they can use their extensive database of prospects at their disposal. Meaning they can now contact brand new clients and customers for their business. New clients mean more business opportunities that are being made possible.
1. Gather up resources instead of expending them
Most new businesses would still have a hard time to find the necessary resources to gather new clients and customers. So instead of wasting these resources, the business can actually use the resources of the company of which they will outsource to.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Value Of Hiring A Professional List Provider For Your Mailing List

I know it, you would really want to hire someone to prepare the mailing list for you, but you wouldn't because it's expensive. What you do next is do it on your own. This may not be a good strategy. A good rule of thumb is to work yourself with a business database provider that would deliver quality list.

Poorly generated lists are the major downfall of any marketing campaign. You need to make sure that the list will deliver good results and higher revenue. Most of the list providers have already established a strategy in order to generate the list that will be more appropriate for your business.

Professional list providers have also established contacts that are much better and numerous for your campaign. They are more efficient and effective in list making because they have known the ins and outs, the shortcuts and secrets to create the list quicker and of higher quality. If you have the time and tools to maintain the list you should definitely do so, but if not there are number of providers you can contact.

When choosing a mailing list provider, make sure that they have the tools in place that will be able to effectively generate the list of contacts. Even if they're cheaper compared to the others they might not have the intangibles of expert list generation. If they fail to help you in the best manner possible, you are probably better off spending some of your extra money to ensure that the campaign will really work. Look for a provider who delivers their promises and let their foot in the door benefit you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Basic Framework of an Effective Telemarketing

Being a professional telemarketer is a challenging profession. The experiences of objections, arguments and rejections are usual occurrences in telemarketing. In order to be effective, you need to follow certain tested and tried practices, conventions and rules. You've got to be armed with the necessary skills, the wit and the convincing articulacy.

To guide and help you attain success in telemarketing, learn from the subsequent tips:

• Be prepared. Call scripts are actually prepared to assist cold-callers and appointment setters. Equally important is that these call guides boost the self-esteem of professional telemarketers. However, you do not solely depend on this material. Always be ready by preparing yourself through constant practice. You can ask your superiors for improvements and additional insights. Read, read and read articles on enhancing cold calling techniques.

• Speech and delivery. Telemarketers are naive of hang-ups. However, this is not a healthy occurrence. It is strongly discouraged for telemarketers not to be able to keep the conversation going. Therefore, build-up your speech prowess and catch the prospect's attention through an attractive delivery. Vary your tone and pitch to avoid monotony and dullness. Be polite and forget not the pleasantries.

• Patience. It is of common knowledge that some prospects are usually irritable and not welcoming. The only remedy to this is patience. Cool down your temper while digging information. Never ever burst out your emotions or else the future of your employment will get overcast. You can not win by replying fire with fire.

• Practice unflinching perseverance. As the saying goes, No pain no glory. Fuel your work with perseverance and sooner than you think, you will reap the rewards of your hard work. Never say never.