Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting to Know Telemarketing Like the Back of Your Hand

If you want to pursue on using telemarketing services to boost your sales, it is a wise decision to make to know everything first about this effective method of marketing your goods. First of all, telemarketing is the process of direct communication and marketing of information about any new or current line of products and services. Not only can it effectively make every sales effort count in order to produce a lot of income, but it can also advertise the name of your business as well.

Most telephone marketing campaigns are made through the use of cold calls. These cold calls are made for the receiver of the call would not expect a call from the representative on that particular time and date. The cold calling representatives are all highly trained in order to effectively complete their assigned tasks to meet the expectations of their clients.

The representatives do not pick up the phone and dial a number randomly. Instead, they use a highly organized database that stores all the necessary information about their contacts. This would let the agent know on what industry their prospect is in.

The main objective of telemarketing is for prospects to gain sufficient product and service knowledge in order to entice them into purchasing these goods. Hiring the services of these call center agents can indeed boost a business' sales output in order to gather more income.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing: The Business Twins of Success

Two is better than one.

Think of a man without a wife. A student devoid of a mentor. A PC monitor wherein the CPU is missing. A business that has no customers. An outbound telemarketing lacking an inbound call center. All of these are concrete examples of how it will be incomplete without the other. You separate one from the other and you just destroyed both.

Outbound telemarketing has been widely used in generating fresh sales leads. On the other hand, inbound call centers function to provide customer service support. They are both useful in lead generation services.

To identify the sales leads among the prospects, outbound calls are made by professional telemarketers. Moreover, if a sales lead is deemed qualified, an appointment setting is then made which schedules a meeting between the company's sales representative and the customer.

Inbound telemarketing, on the contrary, receives inquiries coming from the sales prospects and existing customers. Though a 24/7 answering service, every sales lead is given the proper treatment and care.

If an outbound contact center exist without the inbound, concerns of the prospects and existing customers will not be entertained. This leads to lost opportunities if the unattended leads decide to break the tie.

If inbound call centers are built without the outbound however, only those prospects who knew the company will initiate a phone call. There are plenty of leads that need the products and/or services of a particular firm. If such potential customers do not know that a firm can provide them what they need, then, there is a fat chance that sales will increase.

It will be unfavorable if only one telemarketing tool is present. The absence of one is the disadvantage of the other.

Still, two is better than one.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing Call Center

Before, offshore outsourcing has only been the last resort of companies to reduce costs or to survive in a global recession. However, this perception has been replaced. Problems like the scarcity of experts, high-cost laborers and the incapacity to focus on the core business have pushed business organizations to invest in outsourcing. To add, the efficiency and effectiveness of offshore telemarketing service providers have been satisfactory. Since then, offshore outsourcing call center has been an indispensable strategy which helps every firm to increase sales and to expand business.

The numerous benefits a firm can gain by outsourcing call center services to an offshore company have been the main reason why outsourcing boosts. Here are the following blessings brought by offshore outsourcing:

I. Cheaper Cost

Lower expenses is the major reason why many companies contract an offshore company. Usually, outsourcing costs not more than fifty percent (50%) of total expenditures. Moreover, there is no need to incur recruitment and operational costs in building an in-house contact center. In addition, some countries offer tax holidays and exemptions to foreign companies.

II. Focus on core business

When call center services are outsourced, any client firm have the available and plenteous time to concentrate on its core business. The outcome of this is a more planned and airtight strategies, which, in turn lead to increased closed sales.

III. Expertise and Risk-sharing

Offshore call centers are experts in the field of both outbound and inbound telemarketing. This expertise costs cheaper than in an in-house or onshore contact centers.

Another crucial factor is risk-sharing. Through outsourcing, some responsibilities of the business entity is on the shoulders of the outsourced telemarketing firm. Owing to the fact that these offshore companies are specialists, risks can be better handled.