Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Retain Your Business Sales Leads To Upsell In The Future

A good b2b lead generation campaign produces qualified business sales leads who provide long term profitability for your company. But a good lead generation method can only go as far as finding new business leads for you. It is up to you and your sales representatives to make sure that those qualified business leads become profitable for your company even after the initial sale. To do this, you must implement a lead retention strategy to keep key clients.

While you retain your clients, you have to continually upsell to them with new products and services from your company. Because they are already existing clients, your appointment setter will not have a hard time setting up a meeting with them anymore. But before you upsell, you have to make sure that:
  • The offered product or service is relevant to your client.
  • The product or service offers additional value for your clients that they haven't received from their last purchase.
  •  You are not up selling too often to the same client.
  •  You are offering the product or service to help your client achieve greater success.
Upselling can be easily done by hiring a qualified b2b telemarketing company, providing them with a telemarketing list of your existing clients who have a high propensity of making another purchase and letting the professional b2b telemarketers get to work.

If you concentrate as much effort in retaining your clients as you do with generating fresh qualified business sales leads for your business, you will have more clients to upsell to in the future, which will definitely make your business an extremely successful venture.

So, have you been up selling enough to your existing clients?

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